Review: “A Christmas Carol” (2009)

A Christmas Carol

“A Christmas Carol” is a well-directed film. But I do have a few problems with it. The pacing is really slow at parts which makes it quite boring. And much like all of Robert Zemeckis’ motion capture flicks, this one is no better. The first time I was put off by “realistic” 3D film was Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within because there was no realism in the character’s movements and facial expression. The second was Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf. It was the first movie I ever walked out on. It’s like watching an hour and a half long video game cutscene. I believe that motion capture is great when used as a supplement to an actor’s live action performance as seen in Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button; or Gollum in Lord of the Rings, who interacts with real actors, but not as a whole movie. But I digress. As a movie, it’s worth watching only in 3D. Which is the only reason I give it a Not Bad instead of a Rent It

The Verdict

  • Must See!
  • Not Bad.
  • Rent It.
  • Must Miss!

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