Review: “Kick-Ass”


“Kick-Ass” is the perfect way to describe this movie. This is definitely one of the greatest “super” hero movies ever made. It is on par with The Dark Knight and Iron Man. The story is an original take on a cliché, adapted from a graphic novel by Mark Millar (who also wrote the graphic novel which inspired the movie Wanted). Director Matthew Vaughn is no stranger to the action film genre since his directorial debut film Layer Cake. And he has also produced all the greatest films by Guy Richie. But this is definitely the film that will help make him a household name. Even though most of the action scenes were shown in trailers (especially the red-band trailers), pretty much in their entirety, there is still a lot more that remains to be seen on the big screen. The bad guys in this movie are typical but the heroes are as original as you can get. Kick-Ass may be the main character, but the most memorable heroes are Big Daddy (who looks like Batman but makes him look like a big pussy, and even has a better back-story) and Hit-Girl (who is probably the best sidekick any hero can have). The ending has an opening to a sequel so there is much to be anticipated!

The Verdict

  • Must See!
  • Not Bad.
  • Rent It.
  • Must Miss!

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