Review: “The Killer Inside Me”

The Killer Inside Me

There are movies that are realistic, and are powerful because of it. Then there are movies that just shouldn’t be made. This movie is closer to the latter. It is basically just a snuff film with really weak acting. This movie is based on Jim Thompson’s 1952 novel, and there are some things that do not translate well into film. The graphic beat-downs that Casey Affleck’s character inflicts on Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson’s character are more intense and prolonged than anything seen in even a gritty crime thriller. At least, in a crime thriller, you go in expecting graphic violence. But this movie does not present itself as a crime thriller, it looks more like a slow (at times, boring) crime drama, with a comedic soundtrack. This type of story can only work in a novel, where the reader only has to imagine the morbidity of these scenes, rather than seeing them performed in great detail. The story and acting completely lack substance. Although not all movies need a happy ending, there should at least be a resolution or closure. This movie won’t give you that, even after enduring all the mental torture that ensues. Overall, director Michael Winterbottom completely failed with this movie.

The Verdict

  • Must See!
  • Not Bad.
  • Rent It.
  • Must Miss!

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